Toy Critic Pug - What the pug?

Posted by + | September 19, 2013 | Funny pugs, Videos | No Comments

If you want a honost opinion about toys, just ask this pug. We love to spoil our pugs with toys, but most of the time they don’t give a “pug” about these stuff. They often don’t do fetch,¬†because probably ¬†they don’t like to walk further then needed. We know that every pug owner experience the moment that they throw a toy and have to get them themself. Yes we are quilty to!

This pug has been asked to criticize the toys that are presented to him 1 by 1. The only problem is that he reacts just like any other pug irritated, “the you don’t excist to me” look and the suddenly GO AWAY move.

Need a big smile. You have to see the toy critic pug:

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