What The Pug 🐾

Lending you a helping paw with language

Welcome to WhatThePug, your friendly, AI-powered linguistic sidekick! Created by Dennis Vink, an esteemed AI Cloud Consultant at Xebia. The purpose of this website is to aid you in overcoming language hurdles you might encounter, ultimately elevating your language skills. My pugs are here to help with everything from spelling checks to comprehensive language explanations. They are eager to lend you a helping paw, ensuring language is both fun and effective.

Meet my stellar trio: the Spelling Pug, the Explainer Pug, and the Sentiment Pug. Each has a unique specialized skill set to help you with your language needs. The Spelling Pug fixes style and grammar errors and shows you where your text differs from its suggestions. The Explainer Pug provides the gist of texts and signifies what the main points are. Lastly, the Sentiment Pug is skilled in discerning emotional undertones in language, enhancing your understanding of nuances in communication.

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